Regenwald_thailand 25 years of reforestation in Thailand
Forest and Water - a Community of Life
Apart from their extraordinary importance for the survival of the planet Earth and its inhabitants, the forests and among them the tropical forests are, in my opinion, probably one of the most beautiful and fascinating things to be found in this world.
Today I am especially happy - 25 years of rainforest reforestation in the northwest of Thailand - and to see all the grown life in the rainforest of Thungsaliam, Khao Noi, Rai Gradon and Rai Phajom. More than 100 tree species, flora and fauna and a sustainable water reservoir as an example for interested Thai imitators - IT WAS WORTH IT!
Robert Spitzli
Reforestation Project Thungsaliam 1994-2019
Regenwald-Thailand, Robert Spitzli
Videos about Robert's reforestation projects
In the beginning it was just a curiosity of this foreign culture and people, then enthusiasm and joy for the beauty of nature (there are 2400 different tree species in Thailand), later task and responsibility for a meaningful life with service to the world....
In the year 2015, a first video about the reforestation work was made, in 2017 two further videos followed.
(all videos are spoken in Thai by Robert!..we are working on subtitles)
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Regenwald-Thailand Video 2022
Video March 2022 spoken in Thai
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Rainforest-Thailand Tree Sponsorship
Tree Sponsorship
5 Francs (Euros, Dollars) per tree per year
- and a little becomes much!

Any amount is welcome and will be used 100% for forest conservation without bureaucracy. Thank you !
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Rainforest-Thailand Tree Sponsorship
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