Afforestation Project RAI GRADON
Rai Gradon Province Tak near the village of Sattalung
  • Start of the project in July 2004
  • Total area with papers ca 1 ¾ Rai
  • In hectares: the land has papers, but is not yet measured, about 2900 m2
  • Special feature: 2 old trees approx. 80 - 100 years old "Gradon" (Careya sphaerica Roxb.)
  • Objectives at present: young forest care, increase of diversity, seed approach by wind and birds
  • Local caretakers: Members of the Thangbunrod family from Sattalung
Micro-projects are also valuable: they improve the micro-climate on a small scale in the local area, set an example and encourage imitation.
Tree park by the monastery
Two old "Gradon" trees stand on this piece of land. My wife's father said they were here when he was a kid. I guess they're about 80-100 years old.
We fenced in this small piece of land in July 2004 to protect the trees - inside are the two old "Gradon" trees. Under their shade there are now several forest trees. In other places, precious woods such as "Trako" (Schleichera oleosa), "Pradu" (Pterocarpus macrocarpus) and "Maidäng" (Xylia xylocarpa) also thrive.
Some teak trees were planted by "Poo Da" about 10 years ago. (Tectona grandis L.f.) The created bridle prevents grazing by cows. Last year a wading bird brooded in the high grass.
Regenwald-Thailand Aufforstungsprojekt Rai Gradon
To preserve these two Gradon trees in particular. On their old branches we discovered several orchids in the summer of 2006! (In the whole area old trees have become extremely rare).
Regenwald-Thailand Aufforstungsprojekt Rai Gradon 
A small patch of forest at the edge of the monastery. The neighbouring property belongs to the monastery. Many people pass by here and may stop and contemplate the beauty of the trees. Visitors are invited to contemplate and find peace.